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Organic Vegetables

“Good food is an experience that creates lasting memories.” 

About BowlFace

At Bowlface, we love to travel - new places, faces, cultures and food inspire us in our everyday lives.

We decided to recreate those amazing experiences and share them with you, by making fresh, delicious soups that capture the essence of the people and places we’ve visited around the world.

Every country we visited had some form of traditional soup, and we all have our own home-grown favorites, - so we developed 2 ranges:

"Classic” and “Global”

Our “Classic” range includes all-time favorites - reimagined  with a Bowlface twist.

The "Global" range is inspired by our travels and world food trends- globe-trotting in a pot !

Three rules we follow

“Source local, share global.”


“We use the highest quality,

100% natural ingredients.”


“We source the freshest ingredients

from local growers.”


“We only use plant-based preservatives

in our fresh seasonal soups, dips and dressings  .”

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