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NOurish your body and astound your taste buds

Image by Joanna Kosinska

At Bowlface, we’ve taken our favorite Soups, Dips and Dressings reimagined them using fresh local produce to create foods that will nourish your body and astound your taste buds.

Our Classic range is based on familiar favorites with a twist – foods that are sure to bring back memories and give you that 'BowlFace’.

  Our Global range is inspired by the people and cultures we experienced while traveling, cooking, and eating our way around the world. 


Get ready for a flavor revolution!

 Our upcoming bold and fresh dips are about to shake up your kitchen game! From marinades to drizzles, grills to dips, our gluten and dairy-free creations are versatile and delicious.


First up: 'Zesty Moroccan Bazaar'!

Transport your taste buds to the vibrant markets of Marrakech and use with essence of Morocco,


Stay tuned for a taste of culinary adventure!

Zesty Moroccan Bazaar Dip.jpg

Spinach, Provolone and Truffle Dip

“Heat & Eat”    

Rich layers of fresh cooked spinach and provolone cheese finished with earthy notes of truffle,

warmed to make every scoop tasty.

A little spice in your life 

Pickle Sriracha Dip!  

Made with BowlFace house made pickles

With a hit of Sriracha heat-

What’s not to like?


"We source the best local produce to create fresh, delicious foods that will satisfy and excite you."

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