NOurish your body and astound your taste buds

Image by Joanna Kosinska

At Bowlface, we’ve taken our favorite soups and reimagined them using fresh local produce to create foods that will nourish your body and astound your taste buds.

Our Classic range is based on familiar favorites with a twist – foods that are sure to bring back memories and give you that 'BowlFace’.

  Our Global range is inspired by the people and cultures we experienced while traveling, cooking, and eating our way around the world. 


Chimichurri Dip

Is it time to start grilling friends?

We have our chimichurri a quirky garlic

dip/sauce with origins from Argentina.


Great addition to any dish!


It's time for salads again as 

spring comes and the weather gets warmer. We have a range of classics and global dressings. Some of which we recommend for marinating 

Now its getting warmer and people move outside, we have a range of fresh dips in many flavors just for you...


"We source the best local produce to create fresh, delicious foods that will satisfy and excite you."

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