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Farmers: Stephanie Spock and John Squicciarino​

Rolling Hills Farm is set on 15 acres of land in Lambertville, New Jersey and grows over 100 varieties of fruits, mushrooms and vegetables.  We strive to grow the best food possible, using the least amount of inputs.  Our vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are chemical free, hand tended, and sustainably grown, to produce a quality product that benefits both the consumers and the earth.


Practicing a lot of season extension, every year we work hard to have even earlier and later vegetables to provide our amazing community with vegetables for as long as possible throughout the year. 

​Contact Info: 133 Seabrook Rd, Lambertville, Nj 08530

None Such Farm Market is a family-owned and operated produce and beef farm market in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. It has been farmed since 1926 by three generations of the Yerkes family.

Sweet corn is the main crop raised with 20 acres in production per year. Varieties include white and bi-color sweet corn. The harvest season lasts from Mid July through to early October. 

100% Non-GMO


Our home and farm, in deciduous eastern Pennsylvania, hand built by us from the ground up, produces high quality specialty mushrooms all year long.  


 We grow indoors, and so we can provide a beautiful diversity of eclectic mushrooms every season of the year.  Mushroom growing is a unique form of food production, and we are six years into the learning curve, glad to be able to provide for so many plates!

Spices we use....


 Organic Spices

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Non-GMO Butternut